Wi Touch Wireless TENS Unit

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  • Rated 4.8 out of 5
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  • Approved by the FDA for the treatment of back pain
  • Drug-Free Alternative to help alleviate pain
  • The first truly wireless and remote controlled TENS Unit designed specifically for back pain
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Product Description

Wi Touch Wireless TENS Unit

  • The World’s first true Wireless TENS Unit for back pain
  • FDA Cleared for over-the-counter sales
  • Easy to use without any complex settings to learn and adjust
  • No leadwires, bulky wraps, or belts
  • Thin, lightweight, and flexiblle design contours to the back for a perfect fit on almost any body type
  • Wi Touch Wireless TENS Unit is made in the USA and provides a drug free way to effectively control lower back pain

    The Wi Touch Wireless TENS Unit comes with a remote control, and it battery powered providing over 150 30 minute sessions. The remote control allows you to easily control the intensity, from low intensity to high intensity. The Wi Touch Wireless TENS is light, thin, and flexible. The gel pads allow it to be comfortably placed on your lower back. It is so comfortable, that you may forget you are wearing it! Wi Touch Wireless TENS fits perfectly under clothes, and is perfect for all day use.

    Check out these videos below for more information. If you have any questions, we are here to help. Call us at 800-409-0567 or use the live chat during business hours to chat with a pain relief specialist.

Customer Reviews

5 reviews for Wi Touch Wireless TENS Unit

Jennifer Carter -February 5, 2014

Out of all the products I have purchased to assist me with back pain, this is by far the best. I wish I knew about it sooner. I recommend it to anyone to suffers from lower back pain. I have tried everything available out there, the Wi Touch Wireless Tens is my new best friend

Vincent Pagano -March 8, 2014

I’ve used the Wi Touch Wireless TENS Unit for a couple of years now, and I was crushed when I lost it on a trip. I immediately ordered another one from MyMedSupply and had it overnighted to me. Wi Touch Wireless TENS has helped me SO much with my chronic back pain, more than ANYTHING! It really is the only thing that allows me to work & travel. I keep it in a small bag with extra batteries & pads at all times. The price has also dropped since when I bought my first one from you guys a while ago, but I would have paid more than the original price it has helped that much! I just got my mom one too since we have similar degenerative issues.

Vikram Singh Jodha -May 26, 2014

For the last 6 years I have been suffering from lower-lumbar scoliosis. As the years progressed, so did the curvature of my spine. The condition started with no pain whatsoever, but began to cause me severe pain as my condition worsened. I have been to a few doctors where heat therapy helped the pain, but I wanted something that I would be able to use on my own time without having to go to the doctor. This TENS unit helps decrease my back pain immensely! I am able to leave my house, if need be, and not even have anyone notice the fact that I have this small unit attached to my back! The WiTouch is great in the way that I do not have to sit on the couch or in bed while wired up to a portable, but bulky, TENS unit I am now able to move around while getting the comfort that I need! Having the option of three different intensities is also a great bonus feature.

Joanne Midwood -August 11, 2014

This TENS unit has really helped in managing my pain. I am completely amazed that it is more effective than the Physical Therapists that I was seeing had. I love it portability and size. I am very pleased. Thank you MyMedSupply 🙂

John Caulfield -November 23, 2014

Bought this tens unit to help with back tenderness and soreness after a long day of work. It worked like a charm.
Told a friend about, she borrowed it and bought one the same day. She also said it helped with her back spams. This is a great little unit and I would recommend it to my everyone who need a little extra pain and muscle tension relief.

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