Wheelchair Comfort Pad

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  • Rated 4.5 out of 5
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  • Comfortable Cushions make sitting in the chair for long periods of time a breeze
  • Helps protect pressure points from discomforts and dangers of decubitus ulcers
  • uExtended version is longer to fit reclining wheelchairs
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Product Description

Wheelchair Cushion Comfort Pad

  • Helps protect long term patients from pressure points
  • Protects long term patients from the dangers of decubitus
  • Reversible design features soft cotton/polyester on one side, and a water repellent side to deal with incontinence
  • Filled with polyester fill that is machine washable, long lasting, resisting matting or bunching.
  • Standard Measures 20″ x 37″
  • Extended Measures 20″ x 56 ½”

Worry Free Wheelchair Cushion Experience

The Wheelchair Cushion Comfort Pad has been completely thought out to improve the wheelchair experience. The comfort pad protects long term patients from decubitus and pressure points. It has water repellent features to help with incontinence.

Call us for more information about the Wheelchair Cushion Comfort Pad

We are here to help. Use the live chat option during business hours, or give us a call at 800-409-0567. The Wheelchair Comfort Pad increases the level of comfort for the patient in the Wheelchair. The goal of the Wheelchair Comfort Pad is to make sitting in the chair all day as comfortable as possible, while at the same time eliminating the problems of pressure points, decubitus, and incontinence.

This comfort pad is especially useful for long term wheelchair use and anyone who wants a more comfortable wheelchair experience.

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Wheelchair Comfort Pad

Jim Kennedy -January 17, 2015

I bought this for my mother at her request to find something to make her more comfortable in her chair. At first I bought a bottom only cushion that she didn’t like. Next I bought this Wheelchair Comfort Pad which she likes much better. I’m giving it a 5 star review just for how it has changed my Mother’s state of well being. Her being uncomfortable in her chair was torture to watch, I am completely relieved to know that at least my Mother is comfortable. Getting her this cushion was the least that i can do.

Kelly G -February 8, 2015

Like the other reviewer, I too bought this for my mother. She really likes it, I can tell just by how her attitude and outlook changed within the first couple days of using it. A negative to neutral outlook turned into a positive outlook. Anything that can cause this type of of emotional turnaround is worth its weight in gold in my book. However, I gave it a 4/5 stars. I have not owned the product long enough to give it a true 5/5 star rating. The build quality seems really solid. I see no reason why this shouldn’t last a really long time.

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