Thera-Dot MAX Acu-Magnets

Thera-Dotâ„¢ MAX Acu-Magnets

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  • Maximum-energy, 13,800 G, 24K Gold Plated neodymium acu-magnets
  • Target acupuncture points for faster pain relief
  • Effective alternative for anyone that does not like needles
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Product Description

Patients can use non-invasive Thera-Dot MAX Acu-Magnets in the comfort of their own homes under the direction of a licensed acupuncturist.

Rated at a very powerful 13,800 gauss, Thera-Dot MAX acu-magnets have up to 15x times more magnetic energy than standard acupuncture magnets. Transferring energy along meridians (acupuncture energy channels) more efficiently, Thera-Dot Max can provide better and faster results for patients with higher levels of discomfort.

The package includes ten (10), 13,800 gauss neodymium acu-magnets and ten (10) Thera-Dot adhesive plasters. Each magnet is 24K Gold plated and measures 0.2″ diameter x 0.1″ thick. The bio-north side of each magnet has a permanent mark for proper identification.

Thera-Dot adhesive plasters are flexible fabric so they comfortably and securely adhere the acu-magnets to the skin. They are 23mm (0.9″) in diameter and come on an easy-peel paper card with small, die cut circles on the reverse side. Remove the paper backing over a small circle and apply the magnet to the plaster. The plaster and magnet can then be removed from the card for easy application. Replacement plasters are sold separately.

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