System 5000 Magnetic Mattress Pad

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  • Maximum strength magnetic therapy for relief from severe discomfort
  • Helps reduce symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue
  • Advanced Talalay Latex and memory foam orthopedic core instantaneously conforms to the shape of your body to reduce pressure
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Product Description

Therion’s new System 5000 magnetic mattress pad is a maximum strength magnetic therapy product. It provides powerful magnetic pain relief and advanced therapeutic sleep comfort. It helps relieve severe, chronic discomfort, and helps to reduce symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. The System 5000 uses a new orthopedic cushioning system that provides maximum support and pressure relief.

Maximum Strength Relief

Research reveals that very strong magnetic fields are needed to reach the sources of pain deep inside the body and these strong magnetic fields must maintain enough energy – at a distance – to produce significant health benefits.

Like the System 4000, The System 5000 uses very large, double-stacked 1.25″ diameter ceramic magnets, each 4,300 gauss.

The larger size and tight spacing of magnets in the System 5000 produces concentrated magnetic therapy that penetrates completely through the entire body.

In the hip, back and shoulder area, the System 5000 uses 13,800 gauss, high-energy neodymium magnets. The neodymium magnets boost the magnetic field strength to further increase therapeutic effectiveness in these areas. This provides stronger, faster relief of discomfort and more consistent results, particularly in your back, hips and shoulders “ where pain is often the worst.

Memory Foam Pressure Relieving Layer

Do you ever wake up with sore, stiff muscles and joints? That™s because certain areas of your body such as your back, hips and shoulders absorb all the pressure of your weight as you sleep. Pressure interrupts blood flow, which carries oxygen and nutrients to your extremities. This causes tossing and turning, which interrupts your sleep. Relieving pressure and providing proper support ensures that your body gets the vital nutrients it needs to repair and restore itself while asleep.

The System 5000 has an upper layer of viscoelastic memory foam that molds to your body’s natural curves while sleeping to evenly distribute your weight and relieve painful pressure points. Memory foam was developed by NASA in the 1970’s to resolve the pain, numbness and muscle fatigue problems the astronauts were experiencing while confined in their seats during (pre-shuttle) space flights.

The System 5000’s memory foam layer reduces strain on the back by maintaining the natural curve of the spine, making it ideal for chronic back pain relief. If you have tender points due to fibromyalgia, MS, or chronic joint conditions, the memory foam layer relieves excess pressure to provide a more restful night™s sleep.

Talalay Latex

Talalay latex provides the perfect balance of comfort and support so you can enjoy deep, sound sleep night after night.

What is Talalay (pronounced Tal “ a “ lay)? Talalay is the most sophisticated method for the production of latex foam mattresses. This eco-friendly process uses natural, biodegradable ingredients that come from renewable resources, including natural latex, which is sustainably extracted from tropical rubber trees. “ Talalay Latex is the most naturally durable cushioning material available. It provides up to 33% more pressure relief than high-density foam and is 4x more breathable.

Talalay Latex instantaneously conforms to the shape of your body to reduce high-pressure areas that shut off capillary blood flow and cause you to toss and turn. It significantly enhances the benefits of memory foam, so you can awaken refreshed and rejuvenated to meet the challenges of the day.

Feels Great and Looks Good Too!

Therion’s System 5000 mattress pad is covered with an elegant, beige Visco-Stretch ticking that feels soft and gentle next to your skin. Unlike quilted damask, it stretches and adjusts right along with the memory foam and your every movement. This flexibility allows the thicker foam layers of the System 5000 to fully conform to your sleep position, maximizing sleep comfort and support. Visco-Stretch fabric contains 25% Organic Cotton. The bottom of the pad is covered with a non-slide fabric.

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