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  • SLEEQ® AP is a low-profile sagittal (anterior-posterior) control compression brace
  • Covers L1-L5 of the spine (Lumbar Vertebrae)
  • Ideal for a smaller framed patient and low lumbar issues
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Product Description

SLEEQ® AP is a low-profile sagittal (anterior-posterior) control compression brace:
• Ideal for a smaller framed patient and low lumbar issues
• Built with semi-rigid panels that function to splint the anatomy adding
mechanical stabilization as well as providing an important kinesthetic
reminder for a patient to limit potentially injurious gross motion.
• Covers L1-L5 of the spine (Lumbar Vertebrae)
• Sizes up to 26” – 54” (SLEEQ® EXT extension panel lengthens brace
to accommodate a waist circumference range of 54” – 62”)
• PDAC approved for Off-the-Shelf (OTS) under L0642 and Custom Fitted under L0627

SLEEQ Back Brace Product Description

SLEEQ Low profile LSO back brace provides compression and support for effective relief of episodic lower back pain or as part of a therapeutic regimen for chronic lower back conditions. Courtesy of its breakthrough InvisAdjust Technology, SLEEQ AP fits the vast majority of patients with only a single model. Its elegant, easy-to-use and patient-friendly design offers best-in-class comfort for improved patient compliance and outcomes. Choose from Sleeq AP, AP+, or APL LSO Back Brace.

SLEEQ Spinal Therapy system’s InvisAdjust Technology enables a universal fit for nearly all patients in only a single model. SLEEQ’s state of the art TruGlide tightening makes it easy to achieve optimal compression for the most effect pain relief. Advanced eco-friendly Q-Lex Ortho support materials promote air flow to keep patients cool and dry. The low profile ventilated Aero-Flex support system automatically comforms to patients anatomy for a custom fit, providing optimum comfort and support for pain management or operative treatment

Watch this great YouTube video to learn more about the Sleeq AP LSO Back Brace!

Download the Sleeq Spinal Therapy System product guide here.

Download the Sleeq AP LSO Back Brace Instructions for Use here.

Customer Reviews

3 reviews for SLEEQ® AP LSO BACK BRACE

James Anthony Sr. -August 11, 2014

This has relieved so much of my back pain. I’d definitely suggest it to a friend for use. Compared to other braces I’ve tried I’d say this offers a lot more support without being uncomfortable to wear. It’s definitely a premium product but I think worth it after using it for a couple months now.

Vikram Singh Jodha -March 7, 2015

The only thing that gives me relief. I suffer from chronic lower back pain and this back brace really helps me. I had tried a couple other braces previously that were so-so but I bought this brace from MyMedSupply about 30 days ago and I’ve been using it daily. It’s a great product, highly recommended.

Alan Davis -April 11, 2015

I wouldn’t call it a “therapy system”, but I would say that it’s the best back brace I’ve ever used. A friend introduced me to the Sleeq. I was doubtful at first. But he wrapped it around my middle and pulled the draw strings tight. My back straightened right up and the pain diminished significantly. Of course, I still took some Advil for the actual pain, but by the next day, I noticed a marked improvement in my posture. When my back goes out, I look like a ship that’s listing to one side. And the pain is about 9 out of ten. By day two I was almost 100% (well, as much as can be expected with chronic back pain).

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