Roscoe Top TENS Pain Relief System

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  • System comes with everything you need to stimulate your body's natural painkillers
  • Drug Free, Prescription-Strength Pain Relief System
  • FDA-cleared for over-the-counter sale for home use
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Product Description

The TOP TENS Pain Relief System is a doctor recommended, over-the-counter (OTC) device that provides prescription-strength pain relief associated with sore and aching muscles in the upper and lower extremities due to strain from exercise or normal household and work activities.This easy-to-use device comes equipped with eight preset programs allowing you to customize your therapy and target your pain.

Drug Free Pain Relief with Top TENS Pain Relief System

This easy-to-use drug free pain relief device is FDA-cleared for over-the-counter sale for home use. Finally, an over-the-counter, prescription strength TENS pain relief system that doesn’t need a prescription!

What is TENS Technology?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a safe non-invasive drug-free method of pain management. TENS relieves pain by sending small electrical impulses through the electrodes placed on the skin to underlying fibers. This works by two different mechanisms. First, electrical stimulation of the nerve fibers can block a pain signal from being carried to the brain. If this signal is blocked, pain is not perceived. Second, the body has its own method of suppressing pain. It does this by releasing natural chemicals called endorphins in the brain which act as analgesics. By effectively managing pain without pain, TENS allows many people with upper and lower extremity pain conditions to resume daily activity.

Top TENS Pain Relief System Features:

    • FDA cleared for over-the-counter sale (no prescription required)
    • TENS Technology stimulates body’s own natural painkillers
    • Simple-to-operate, portable device for pain management
    • Device has eight pre-set programs allowing you to customize your therapy and target your pain
    • Comes complete with TOP TENS device, two lead wires, 3 AAA batteries, user manual and pack of four self-adhesive reusable electrodes
    • One year warranty from date of purchase

Top TENS Pain Relief System Technical Specifications:

  • Channel: Dual channels
  • Modes: Burst mode, normal mode, modulation mode, SD1 mode, SD2 mode
  • Output: 0 – 80 mA (500 ohm)
  • Treatment Time: 5 – 60 minutes or continuous mode
  • Pulse Rate:  Adjustable from 2 to 150 Hz, 1hz/step
  • Pulse Width:  Adjustable from 50 to 300 microseconds, 10µs/step
  • Dimensions: 4” x 6.25” x 1” with out belt
  • Device Weight: 0.33 lb. with battery and belt
  • Power: Supply: 9-volt battery
  • Warranty: One year warranty from date of purchase

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