Rebound TENS Electrotherapy for Over-the-Counter Pain Relief

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  • The Rebound Tens Electrotherapy helps alleviate pain, swelling, and soreness from the muscles and joints
  • The Rebound TENS is non-addicting, easy to use, affordable, and most of all – effective
  • Refill pad packs are available also at
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Product Description

The Rebound Health TENS Device was the first OTC TENS unit with free-standing adhesive electrodes approved for over-the- counter sales by the FDA. Traditionally, TENS devices were only available with a prescription, making this approval revolutionary! Since that time, the Rebound TENS product line has gained popularity and are being offered in retail pharmacy and online consumer markets. There is no longer a need for a prescription or the hassle of filling out paperwork.

The Rebound TENS Electrotherapy for Pain Relief Unit is a Class II FDA registered medical device – meaning it is available without a prescription and direct to order from The Rebound TENS, like other TENS electrotherapy units for pain relief at home, helps alleviate pain, swelling, and soreness from the muscles and joints, working through the skin and emitting electrical nerve stimulating pulses. The Rebound TENS is non-addicting, easy to use, affordable, and most of all – effective. Refill pad packs are available also at The Rebound TENS needs only two double a batteries to operate.

TENS Therapy works by stimulating the nerve system via small electrode patches adhered to the skin on and around the pain. There are 2 theories behind how TENS manages pain:

  1. The Gate Theory – In which the Electrotherapy interferes with the pain signal being sent to your brain.
  2. The Endorphin Theory – Where the stimulation induces your body to release its own pain fighting chemicals called “endorphins”.

Receiving pain management through both of these TENS theories simultaneously, is the key to the ReboundTM being more effective than other TENS devices on the market.

Rebound also uses Strength Duration technology to encompass BOTH Gate and Endorphin theories in one easy to use mode. This is unlike other Electrotherapy devices being sold today that can only use one theory of therapy at a time. Strength Duration technology effectively prevents the body from becoming quickly accustomed to the sensation, and increases pain fighting ability to its maximum. Additionally, ReboundTM offers pain relief to 100% of the users who respond to TENS therapy, which translates into a better customer experience and less product returns.

Rebound Health – Electrotherapy Pain Relief Device – FDA Cleared OTC TENS Unit – Non-Prescription – For Chronic or Acute Joint and Muscle Pain – Use as Often and Long as Needed

  • Simple: The REBOUND outputs a stimulation pattern that encompasses both of the theories of TENS in one. The REBOUND does this automatically without any adjustments from the user making pain relief, simple, easy and effective.
  • Small Sleek Design: The sleek and small design of the REBOUND makes it easy to carry and discreet to use.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: The device carries a one year limited warranty backed by BioMedical Life Systems, Inc.
  • No Prescription Required: The REBOUND is an FDA Registered Class II Medical Device available without a prescription.
  • Fast Acting: Find Pain Relief in as Little as 15 minutes!

-Each kit comes with a Rebound unit, two conductive pads, one connecting cable, two AA batteries, one lanyard strap, and one instruction manual.-Effective and safe-to-use for pain relief from hip, low back and mid-back pain, elbow and wrist pain, shoulder and arm pain, knee and ankle pain, joint and muscle pain, or chronic or acute pain.-The LCD screen is a clear display that shows the operating status of the Rebound.-A low battery symbol turns on when the battery voltage is low so there is no guess work involved in changing the batteries.-Batteries last up to 150 hours of continued use.-Lock feature is an optional safety feature that will lock your power setting in place so you will not accidentally turn up the power of the Rebound during use.-The seven-bar graphic on the LCD screen indicates the output power of the electrical stimulation in fourteen steps. Each bar represents two power steps-first step makes the bar blink and the second step turns on the bar without blinking.-The Rebound automatically outputs a stimulation pattern that encompasses both of the theories of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator in one.-Simple, easy and effective.-Portable and easy to use.-Adjustable power settings for personal control. Dimensions: -5” H x 1.375” W x 0.625” D, 0.1 lbs.

Customer Reviews

1 review for Rebound TENS Electrotherapy for Over-the-Counter Pain Relief

Vikram Singh Jodha -May 26, 2014

when it first arrived i was a litle surprised by its small size, but it worked well. my wife who has been in almost constant pain with her knee, within 30 minutes noticed it was having an effect. used it daily for about a couple of weeks and has gone nearly pain free. her meds did help but never gave her complete pain relief. this device made all the difference in getting her there.

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