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  • Relief from Shoulder pain and swelling – Reduces inflammation, improves joint function
  • Speeds healing from shoulder strains, sports injuries, and speeds recovery from shoulder surgery
  • Patented Acticel technology maintains an ideal comfort zone between your skin and the support at any level of activity
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Product Description

Platinum Magnetic Shoulder Brace

The Platinum Magnetic Shoulder Brace is perfect for those with chronic shoulder pain and injuries. The brace allows for full range of motion, helping to improve joint function and speeding the healing process from shoulder strains, sports injuries, and recovery after shoulder surgery.

Find relief for Shoulder Pain with the Platinum Magnetic Shoulder Brace

Use the natural healing of magnetic therapy to find pain relief faster. The Platinum Magnetic Shoulder Brace has powerful magnets strong enough to heal the shoulder. Included are two 4″ x 4″ Platinum Magnetic Pads, containing 18 powerful 13,800 gauss neodymium and 4,300 gauss ceramic magnets. The high-energy magnetic fields completely penetrates through the shoulder increasing blood flow, reducing swelling and providing effective and powerful shoulder pain relief much faster than a traditional shoulder brace.

Wear your Platinum Magnetic Shoulder Brace All Day

The Platinum Magnetic Shoulder brace is very comfortable. It is designed to easily be worn all day. Chest and Arm straps allow you to adjust the brace for a comfortable fit. The magnetic pads allow for custom placement, allowing targeted pain relief and faster pain relief. The Platinum Magnetic Shoulder Brace also allows for a full range of motion, which promotes faster healing. The Platinum Magnetic Shoulder Brace is made from Acticel Technology, which is a high performance fabric. Your brace will never overheat or leave your shoulder sweaty. The high performance fabric will keep your shoulder at a comfortable temperature.

Platinum Magnetic Shoulder Brace Specifications

Platinum Magnetic Shoulder Brace
  • Magnet Size: 3/4″ diameter x 1/4″ thick
  • Magnet Quality: 18 (each pad contains 9 magnets)
  • Polarity: Bio-North (Negative) facing the body
  • Type of Magnet: Neodymium and Anisotropic Ceramic
  • Manufacturer Gauss Rating: 13,800 G / 4,300 G
  • Surface Gauss: 3,900 G
  • Effective Penetration: 8″ (20 cm)
  • Material: Acticel™ patented high performance orthopedic material
  • Color: Platinum Gray
  • Country of Manufacture: United States

Platinum Magnetic Shoulder Brace Sizing Information

  • One Size Fits All
  • Adjustable Straps at Arm and Chest
  • Adjustable Strap allows for custom fit
  • World Class Custom Pain Relief Experience
  • Place Magnets directly on injury location
  • Custom Magnet Placement allows for faster healing
  • Questions call us 800-409-0567 during business hours
  • Use Live Chat During Business Hours

Customer Reviews

3 reviews for Platinum Magnetic Shoulder Brace

Eric V -February 20, 2015

I tore my rotator cuff after years of being a pitcher. Rehabbing my shoulder and going back to pitching has just made it worse. I got this brace to try and combat the pain and help with the physical therapy to get my full range of motion. To my suprise, it actually makes a significant difference. Placing the magnets directly over the affected area and getting the level of tightness right with the adjustable straps keeps the pain level in check and allows me to have a greater range of motion that if I wasn’t wearing the brace.

Sophie P -March 7, 2015

I was in a car accident and was hit from behind at a red light by a woman texting and driving. I ended up having nerve damage between my neck and my shoulder. I work as a waitress and after carrying so many plates I can’t even hold my arm up at night it hurts so bad and I lose feeling!! This brace along with the magnets have been a godsend. I wear this brace from morning to night. I cannot explain the effect it has had on my life. My shoulder hurt so bad every night after work it was debilitating! The brace along with the magnets…keeps the pain in check and allows me to have range of motion. The adjustable straps are great, I can make it tighter if I need more support and looser if I just need a little support. And I can place the magnets right over where it hurts.

Enrico S -April 5, 2015

I work in construction and having a bad shoulder significantly hurts my ability to get through the day. This is my go-to everyday unit. I have 3 of them.

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