Platinum Magnetic Pad (1/2 thick)

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  • Relieves pain, swelling and bruising anywhere on the body
  • Penetrates deep, reduces muscle spasms and cramps
  • Flexible, lightweight, conforms to body
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Product Description

Use Platinum Magnetic Pads when and where you would apply an ice pack or heating pad to reduce pain and swelling faster, and with no side effects. Energy from the pad’s powerful 13,800 gauss neodymium and 4,300 gauss ceramic magnets immediately penetrates deep into your body, quickly improving blood flow and reducing swelling and pain. Muscle spasms and cramps ease off as more oxygen reaches your muscle tissue. If you have an injury, more nutrients are delivered to the damaged cells, accelerating the healing process.

Unlike an ice pack, Platinum Magnetic Therapy Pads can be used for as long as necessary, without any pause in treatment that would slow recovery. Flexible and lightweight, Platinum magnetic therapy pads bend and curve to conform to your body. Use them comfortably where you need them; from your upper arm and mid-back, down to your hips and lower legs.

A special outer fabric provides soft skin comfort. It’s also Velcro-sensitive to stick to our elastic Comfort Wraps, holding the pad securely in place while providing quick and easy application.

Size Selection: Choose a magnetic pad that is either larger than, or about the same size as the area it will be applied to.

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