Platinum Magnetic Back Pad (1/2 thick)

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  • Relief for sciatica, more severe back pain, and hip pain
  • Reduce back pain when lifting, playing golf, or bending
  • Advanced magnetic therapy in a low-profile format
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Product Description

Offering maximum pain relief in a low profile format, you™ll have full freedom of movement while experiencing relief from sciatica, arthritis back pain, and chronic back pain. You can position the back pad’s 24 high-energy, 13,800 gauss neodymium and 4,300 gauss ceramic magnets directly on the source of your pain “ whether it’s in the center of your back, on one side, or over your hip. Designed to stay in place while you’re moving, the Platinum Magnetic Back Pad is powerful relief in a low profile pad.

Ease pain from sciatica symptoms such as sharp, shooting pains, and buzzing and tingling. The Platinum Back Pad’s high-energy magnets help reduce nerve pain signals, and increase blood circulation to relieve back spasms and improve flexibility. Reduce the potential risk of back strain, particularly when lifting heavy objects, playing golf, or participating in any kind of activity involving bending or twisting.

You™ll get the same level of relief whether you wear your magnetic pain pad under or over your clothing. Slip the pad into the waistband of your pants or a skirt, or use one of our breathable, elastic Comfort Wraps (sold separately) to hold it more securely in place.

Note: If you™re having difficulty bending or lifting, and want more support with greater coverage, we recommend our Platinum Magnetic Back Support. Its adjustable compression will help support your lower back while providing more extensive magnetic therapy.

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