Neo-Flex Magnetic Insoles

Therion Magnetic Neo-Flex Magnetic Insoles

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  • Relieves more severe foot pain, and eases symptoms of arthritis and diabetic neuropathy
  • Up to 30 powerful 13,800 gauss neodymium magnets effectively relieve foot discomfort naturally
  • Ergonomic 3-layer cushioning reduces strain on the knees, lower back and hips for all day comfort
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Product Description

Using 13,800 gauss neodymium magnets, Neo-Flex insoles provide very powerful magnetic therapy to help relieve severe foot discomfort and effectively ease symptoms of diabetic foot neuropathy, heel pain and other chronic degenerative conditions. The magnetic field of the Neo-Flex insoles has a therapeutic strength that penetrates completely through your foot, helping to reduce swelling and sensations like burning, tingling and numbness, all while promoting faster healing.

Neo-Flex insoles are designed with Plastazote® orthotic cushioning to significantly improve comfort while standing and walking. Plastazote conforms to the shape of your foot with regular wear; creating a custom fit, and reduces pressure on the heel and ball of your foot. Its smooth surface decreases friction that can lead to blisters, ensuring long-lasting comfort for sensitive feet.

Neo-Flex insoles are flexible and designed to fit comfortably in sneakers, work boots, and casual shoes with laces*. They can also be placed in your slippers! Use scissors to create a custom fit.

*Dress shoes without laces may not be able to accommodate Ener-Flex insoles due to their 3/16″ thickness.

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