Magnetic Memory Foam Pillow

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  • Relieves headaches while you sleep “ eliminate morning headaches
  • Reduces neck strain, wake refreshed
  • Proper neck support promotes comfortable, relaxing, restful sleep
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Product Description

More than just relaxing sleep! Therion’s Magnetic Memory Foam Contour Pillow is designed for comfort and support. Thera-Core, memory foam cushioning relieves pressure on your head and neck by molding to your body’s natural curves.

The pillow provides both 3″ and 4″ cervical support lobes to maintain proper spinal alignment so you can choose the one that feels best. The right amount of neck support means you wake refreshed with no headache in the morning; and a correct sleeping position encourages better posture.

Powerful 13,800 gauss neodymium magnets secured inside comfortable neck support contours penetrate deep into your body; helping to relieve headache and neck pain, relax tense muscles and ease sinus congestion. 4,300 gauss ceramic magnets strategically placed throughout the entire pillow create a uniform magnetic field that soothes headaches and promotes relaxation, so you can fall asleep more easily. The contour pillow is covered in Therion’s Soft-Knit fabric.

Available in Standard (14½” x 20″) size, and Queen (14½” x 24″) size.

Note: Therion magnetic therapy pillows have a specially designed foam layer, so you never feel the magnets themselves “ only the soothing therapy they provide. They’re placed near the surface of the pillow, closer to your head and neck, providing more effective magnetic therapy.

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