Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table

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  • The Ultimate Inversion Therapy Experience
  • Allows both face up and face down positions
  • Can be used in 3 ways: Inversion Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Exercise Therapy
  • This product has a specific return policy:see description below
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Product Description

The Ultimate Inversion Therapy Experience

The Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table is the best Inversion Table available on the market. Originally designed for professional use only, this Inversion Table is now available for home use. The unit supports weight up to 600lbs and heights up to 6 feet 6 inches. The build quality is unsurpassed, made from heavy duty steel with high quality foam padding which contours to your body and supports to hold you firmly in place.

One Inversion Table – Multiple ways to use it

The Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table can be used in 3 ways: Inversion Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Exercise Therapy. This multi-dimensional approach to pain relief gives real results. In one machine you can bring the results from the Physical Therapist, The Massage Therapist, and the Personal Trainer right to the comfort of your home. No more making appointments, the machine will always be ready for use whenever you are ready.

Inversion Therapy

The Ultimate Inversion Therapy experience. The only table in its class to offer both a face up and a face down position, letting you choose what is most comfortable for you. 5 Preset angles offer maximum ease of operation. The preset angles allow you to set your perfect level of inversion before you are in an inverted position. With supports at the ankle, knee, and thigh, you can comfortably get the most out of Inversion Therapy without any assistance.

Health Mark Inversion TableCombine Massage Therapy with Inversion Therapy

The only Inversion Table in its class that is perfects for Massage Therapy. Experience a massage from a certified professional or from a partner. The crescent head design found on most Massage tables is a feature of this inversion table, allowing you to comfortably lay face down – perfect for experiencing a back massage while also being inverted.

Include Exercise Therapy for a multi-dimensional, all natural pain relief approach

Daily exercise has been proven to relieve pain and prevent pain. The Pro Max Inversion Table allows for ample opportunities to work on your strength and flexibility while getting the benefits of Inversion Therapy at the same time. Strengthening the core is particularly beneficial for back pain. Our whole entire body is balanced and controlled at the core. In fact, having weak core muscles can be a cause of chronic back pain. The high quality build of the Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table along with the comfortable and hold you in place supports allow for a complete full range of motion.

Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table - Detail View 1Additional Health Mark Pro Max Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions of the unit are: 28 x 58 x 45 inches (W x H x D)
  • For assembly, unit comes with detailed user manual with clear instructions
  • The unit can accommodate 600 lbs
  • The unit has height settings for maximum comfort, starting a 4′ 10” to 6′ 6”
  • There are 5 pre set angles, let the machine do the work for you
  • Designed for professional use, now available for home use
  • Face up and Face down Inversion, get a massage while inverted for max pain relief
  • Anti-slip feet, feel secure when your inverted that the machine isn’t going to move
  • Very comfortable ankle brackets, with rolled ankle, knee, and thigh supports keep you securely in place

Say Goodbye to Back Pain with an all inclusive Therapy program

The Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table is for those who are serious about relieving their back pain. Through Inversion Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Exercise Therapy, you will be taking a multi-dimensional approach to relieving your back pain. Having this unit brings 3 types of therapy right to the comfort of your home. Relax your back, decompress your spine, and relieve the stress from your muscles with the Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table.

Product Return Policy

This product comes with a full warranty for functionality. If any part of this item arrives damaged or defective, the unit becomes eligible to be replaced under warranty. If you feel your unit is damaged or defective, please contact us for further instruction on how to get a replacement under warranty.


Q: What is the minimum ceiling height for this? For someone with 7' ceilings, would I be able to go full inversion?
A: Total height inverted is about 6'10" for the average height person, so it's recommended to have at least 7' ceilings where you want to use this in your home. If you are taller than average, it's worth calling support (or using the live chat) for a more exact answer.
Q: How are your feet anchored?
A: Your feet are anchored by an adjustable padded bar that closes over the ankles and supports your weight while inverted.
Q: Can this inversion table handle the weight a heavier person?
A: These Tables are well engineered and built, rated at six hundred (600) pounds. I’m about 300 lbs and it handles me without any problem. It is so easy to maneuver yourself and you are comfortably clamped in with absolutely no risk of falling. This mark pro is about as secure as I have ever had. This thing is solid, solid in all aspects. It is comfortable and easy to operate. It is hands down the Rolls Royce of inversion tables.
Q: How much room does this take up?
A: It takes up the room of a medium sized recliner chair.
Q: How long does this take to assemble?
A: While this inversion table does require assembly, it only takes the average person a little more than one hour to set it up.

Customer Reviews

3 reviews for Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table

Lesean P -April 22, 2015

I did a great amount of research before purchasing the Health Mark Pro Max inversion table. I am a big guy, 6’2″ and 340 lbs, which put me right at the limits of all the other inversion tables I reviewed and they only allowed for face-up inversion. I have been diagnosed with a lumbar bulge at the L4/L5, recently had a cortisone shot which helped with some of the pain and numbness in my feet due to the compressed nerves, but only addressed about 60% of my overall issue. What I have found that the face down position (which other inversion tables did not allow for) had a greater positive impact on my back than face up. I have used the device only once for 10 minutes tonight and I already feel its benefits, I am very hopeful that with time it will provide great benefits and relief.

In many of the reviews it is mentioned that setup can be a challenge. I did not find that to be the case and had the unit assembled in about an hour (with the help of my wife). The biggest challenge was figuring out which bar was the cross bar for the bottom of the base. Don’t look at the parts list it is VERY confusing, if you stick to the pictures in the directions you will avoid a lot of issues.

I am very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend this product for large folks but also for anyone that plans to use the unit several times a day or by several family members on a regular basis. It is rock solid, no wobble and very well constructed.

Edward Kling -April 22, 2015

This inversion table is perfect for what it was designed and that is performing inversion with flexibility, stability and precision. My father is 82 and on a trip last August to OC Maryland my father’s back was so bad his face was distended in pain and he could barely walk. He has rheumatoid arthritis for years and it finally brought his active life to a halt with the what the spinal/orthopedic surgeon called stenosis of the spine. The x-rays and mri’s showed the narrowing and compressing of the spine which was causing great pain due mostly to the sciatic nerve. I asked the surgeon if inversion would help and he of course said no way with this. I went ahead anyway to try and avoid eventual surgery. My father was game and I tried to buy a cheaper table but he insisted on this one and I am glad he held out. It has been a dream for us as it literally brought my father back to normalcy as the daily 10-20 minute sessions at the convenient preset angle has eliminated the back pain and leg pain to where he can now enjoy movements and walking without discomfort. He is lifting weights again and the happy face is back. I use it also and it has made my back much lither as I can turn completely and conformably doing golf or yoga. If you have the means get this one as it allows the most secure and varied routines and please try this before surgery if you can. You may get the same results and avoid surgery or heal better but know this machine works.

Mae Ann Stewart -April 22, 2015

We did a lot of research on these before purchasing. I had used one that made my ankles sore. This came shipped in perfect condition and it has worked great for over a year. Don’t buy a cheap inversion table, take it from my experience it isn’t worth it. This has saved us a ton of back pain and we simply love it. Me and my hubby both have back issues, and the combination of being inverted and giving each other a massage results in some serious good feelings. You get what you pay for, and this is money well spent.

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