Health Mark Deluxe Backwave Back Traction Device

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  • Convenient in-home spinal traction bench
  • Decompresses your spine & relieves pain
  • Relax for a better back, Perfect for everyone
  • Avoid the need for expensive chiropractic visits!
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Product Description

Health Mark Deluxe Backwave Traction Bench

Relax your way to a healthier and more flexible back with a back traction device for your home or office. The Health Mark Deluxe Backwave Traction Bench is the only bench of its kind built to take the advanced hardcore workouts of serious athletes and fitness buffs.

  • Healthwave Back Traction DeviceWith its 500-pound weight capacity it is perfect for the petite dancer, the powerful bodybuilder, and everybody in between.
  • Variable body positioning along the arch allows for gentle to advanced traction or beginner to advanced exercises, providing everyone the healthy benefits of back extensions or our unique muscle toning methods of yoga and pilates movements.
  • Seldom can a single piece of equipment provide a combination of therapeutic and muscle toning qualities; but this is exactly what you get with the Deluxe Backwave Traction Bench.
  • If your yoga and pilates movements are no longer challenging, choose a demanding position along the arch and increase the degree of difficulty and overall effectiveness of each movement.

When you’re finished, whether you prefer hyper-extended stretching or relaxing with a forward curvature, the Deluxe Backwave Traction Bench will relax, stretch and decompress your spine for an incredible finale. This is the perfect piece of equipment for all of your pre and post workout stretching and decompression to relieve your back pain.

Amazing Relief for your Back Pain!

Health Mark Backwave Traction BenchHealth Mark’s Deluxe Backwave Traction Bench is a great way to help your back pain from hyper-extensions. It works by decompressing your spine, which relieves pinched nerves and increases circulation along your spinal column.

  • Back hyper-extensions to decompress the spine, relieving pinched nerves and increasing circulation along the spinal column
  • Forward bends to gently open the spine and relax stressed muscles
  • Seated back extensions to strengthen the muscles surrounding the lower lumbar area while also stretching the quadriceps and pelvic girdle
  • Sit-ups to increase core strength while improving overall core tone
  • Superman pose to strengthen the muscles surrounding the lumbar and thoracic regions of the back, as well as improving core strength
  • Face down double leg raise to strengthen the muscles of the lumbar region and hamstrings
  • Lay face down to simply relax or receive a massage


What does the Health Mark Deluxe Backwave Traction Bench Ship With?


Health Mark Product Return Policy

The Health Mark Backwave Traction Bench comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty covering it for any defects from normal operation and use. If any part of this item arrives damaged or defective, the unit becomes eligible to be replaced under warranty. If you feel your unit is damaged or defective, please contact MyMedSupply Customer Service right away for further instruction on how to get a replacement under warranty. Please note that unfortunately this product cannot be returned simply for buyer’s remorse reasons.

Customer Reviews

5 reviews for Health Mark Deluxe Backwave Back Traction Device

Robert Mitchell -September 11, 2014

I have 2 bulging disks in my lower back and experienced a lot of severe hip/leg/feet numbness when standing or walk around casually. I have the old style inversion boots you hoist your feet up over a bar and suspend totally inverted, but at my age I get tired of doing that, though it is very effective. Then I saw this and thought I’d give it a try.

I won’t say the next day I felt way better, or a week. But over time with consistent use I saw much improvement. The numbness is about 95% gone except for at extreme times and fairly ache free. While my back is never going to be completely right, it is very manageable now in terms of pain. I think this, coupled with other good stretching exercises, is at the heart of my recovery/success. I feel way more upright when I stand. I recommend trying this with consistent usage. I try to use mine 3 to 4 times for 2 or 3 minutes per. I jump on in in the morning, just before dinner, evening, before bed, and other free times… it’s easy and effective.

Karla Kay -December 17, 2014

I am 80 years old, and have suffered from osteoarthritis for the last 5-7 years. I walked in a stooped fashion, use a cane, and have hip and knee problems. I have numbness in my feet and lower legs from pinched nerves in my lower back. I do water exercises at my local pool (classes), so that I may hopefully heal my back by affording it weight-free periods in which to re-align itself. I know that the weight-free stretching is helpful, as I am always able to walk better/feel better after my pool days.

As I was looking for ways of stretching of my back, I attempted to use an inversion table, and was unable to do so because of a faulty right knee, and knee replacement which does not allow one to stretch from the knees. My back felt as if it was always too compressed – that it needed stretching.

I purchased this back traction machine, and have not been to the pool since I began to use it. IT IS WONDERFUL ! !
Two minutes, twice a day, gave me immediately a feeling of “length”, of comfort, of “rightness” in my lower back.
After using the device for about two weeks, I am able to walk with more stability, my sciatica has improved, I am in much less pain. My hips are much less painful as well. I almost feel as if I am walking in an upright position again, and sometimes forget to take my cane with me.

Also, as one relaxes into the stretch, one might feel the back giving a “cracking” sound – much like what happens in a chiropractic adjustment. It doesn’t hurt – just lets one know that the back is, indeed, stretching!

All I can say is, I use it only occasionally now, when I feel the need, and wouldn’t be without it. Good luck with yours ! !

Derrick Sanders -March 3, 2015

I bought this traction device and had awesome results when I threw out my back last time. I’m usually in a lot of pain and suffer for about 2 weeks or so when I “do something stupid” and injure my back. I have no diagnosis other than possibly slight scoliosis and a more pronounced “S” curvature than normal. Anyway after I built the thing in my living room and got on it for about 10 minutes my pain was almost gone. My hip hurt some from not being used to pulling on it that way, but that healed up in a couple days and wasn’t that bad. Traction device: $500.. Hanging upside-down on the monkey bars at the park: PRICELESS.

Lisa Durkin -March 30, 2015

My son Kyle has serious issues with the his back. He was in an accident that leaves him in constant pain…. I am trying everything possible to keep him off pain medication that the doctors are saying he will most likely need as he gets older….UNLESS he can find a way to manage his pain. We have tried so many things and nothing was really working. This
provides Kyle with almost IMMEDIATE pain relief. It is amazing to see him laugh when he goes upside down, I know that he is free from the pain momentarily. He is in serious pain all the time and the traction bench nets him some pain free time. Highly, highly, recommend!!!

Charles Terrant -April 11, 2015

I love this device! It is so much better than hanging upside down on an inversion table! Many times, I can actually feel my spine popping as I relax and stretch. It feels really good during and after the stretch. If you have a bad back, I would highly recommend this unit. I felt the quality of the item, ease of assembly, as well as the effectiveness of the traction device on my back, made this purchase well worth it!

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