Balance Magnetic Back Pad (1/2 thick)

Balance Magnetic Back Pad (1/2″ thick)

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  • Relief for lower back pain and muscle tension
  • Restore flexibility, help prevent back strain and spasm
  • Ideal for golf, other sports and travel. Allows full freedom of movement
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Product Description

The Balance Magnetic Back Pad improves lumbar flexibility while providing natural lower back pain relief. Using powerful bio-north magnetic fields it improves blood flow to the area, bringing more oxygen to your muscles, helping you to regain flexibility and relieve back pain. The 24 research-grade (4,300 gauss) ceramic magnets penetrate up to 5 inches deep and work exceptionally well for lower back aches, cramping, and back muscle spasms. By improving blood flow, the magnetic pad will also protect your back, helping to prevent back pain when lifting, bending, or twisting.

Therion magnetic back pads allow full freedom of motion. Their low-profile design can be worn under or over your clothing. Slip one into the waistband of your pants or a skirt, or use one of our breathable, elastic Comfort Wraps&trde; (sold separately) to hold it more securely in place.

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