Balance Magnetic Ankle Brace

Balance Magnetic Ankle Brace

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  • Relieves ankle discomfort from sprains and swelling
  • Speeds natural healing to recover from injury faster
  • Acticel support technology maintains an ideal comfort zone between your skin and the support at any level of activity
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Product Description

The Balance Magnetic Ankle Brace helps reduce ankle swelling, tenderness and bruising. It provides excellent pain relief for ankle sprains, and can help speed up recovery time from injury.

8 strategically placed 4,300 gauss ceramic magnets surround the entire ankle. These powerful magnetic fields enter the ankle from several different angles, to more effectively ease pain and reducing swelling. This helps speed healing, restore flexibility, and reduce recovery time from ankle sprains and other injuries.

Therion® supports and braces are made with patented Acticel high-performance fabric. Acticel provides superior compressive support, and offers significant advantages over other neoprene and elastic support materials.

Acticel technology maintains an ideal comfort zone between your skin and the support at any level of physical activity, allowing Therion orthopedic supports to be worn for long periods of time without overheating and without perspiration build-up.

The Balance ankle brace provides adjustable compression around your ankle. It can be put on or removed in seconds using two adjustable Velcro straps. The ankle wrap is low-profile and easy to wear with sneakers (tennis shoes), boots and orthopedic shoes, and can be worn comfortably during exercise. Fits left or right ankle.

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