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Pain Relief Facts

  • Inversion Therapy was used by the Ancient Romans and the Ancient Chinese
  • Your body gives off electromagnetic impulses, it's how Magnetic Therapy works

Traction Belts & Collars

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Will a Traction Belt or a Traction Collar really relieve my pain?

The answer is yes, many times on the first day you wear it. The Traction belts and Traction Collars are a great alternative to inversion therapy. They work through spinal decompression, by increasing the amount of space between the vertebrae, pressure is instantly taken off of the spine. This is where you will feel relief. Your spine is working 24/7, 365, to accommodate the pressure of gravity pushing down on it. The Traction Collars and Traction Belts take this pressure off of the spine - taking away your pain and allowing your neck or your back to heal itself.