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Pain Relief Facts

  • Inversion Therapy was used by the Ancient Romans and the Ancient Chinese
  • Your body gives off electromagnetic impulses, it's how Magnetic Therapy works

Inversion Therapy

Inversion Therapy
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What is Inversion Therapy?

Inversion therapy is proven to decompress the spine and even increase blood circulation throughout the body. What’s more, it has also been observed to ease muscle fatigue and stress caused by strenuous activity or inactivity, depending on a person’s lifestyle.

Will Inversion Therapy Relieve My Back Pain?

Yes! Inversion Therapy has been used for centuries, all the way back in Ancient Times. It was used by Ancient Chinese Civilizations and in the Roman Empire, for the sole purpose of relieving back pain. The logic back then still holds true today - by stretching the spine and relieving the spine of pressure, the level of pain will decrease.

Inversion Therapy is perfect for at home use. Relax at the end of the day with a couple minutes on an Inversion Chair and steadily decrease your daily level of pain. On top of decreasing your level of pain, you will increase the strength of your ligaments and increase the level of flexibility in your spine.

MyMedSupply has a selection of Inversion Tables and Inversion Chairs. Inversion Chairs take you up to 70% inversion. Inversion Tables take you to 100% upside down. The Inversion Chairs are considered more comfortable because they do not go completely upside down.

Getting Started with Inversion Therapy

To learn about getting started with inversion therapy, read this detailed introduction on the MyMedSupply Pain Relief Blog. MyMedSupply also offers a really helpful Inversion Therapy Buyer's Guide that can help you choose the best Inversion Therapy product for you and your specific pain condition.