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Pain Relief Facts

  • Inversion Therapy was used by the Ancient Romans and the Ancient Chinese
  • Your body gives off electromagnetic impulses, it's how Magnetic Therapy works

Therapy Magnets

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What are therapy magnets used for? Spot therapy magnets are used to relieve discomfort in very small areas, like the fingers, toes and neck, as well as for trigger points. Try them for swelling, bruising, insect bites, and joint discomfort. Each spot magnet has the bio-north (negative) side marked with a small dot or 'N' decal. The magnets are reusable, and can be applied to the body with adhesive medical tape or self-stick (cohesive) bandages. Elastic Comfort Wraps are recommended to hold the large 1.5" Super Neodymium magnet and Extra-Large Ceramic Block Magnet in place. They securely attach to the magnets using special Velcro tabs, allowing fast and easy application. Thera-Dots and Ear-Dots are acupressure magnets. These very small magnets are made to be placed over acupressure points found on the body and on the ears (for auriculotherapy). They are applied to the body with disposable adhesive plasters (included with each pack).