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Pain Relief Facts

  • Inversion Therapy was used by the Ancient Romans and the Ancient Chinese
  • Your body gives off electromagnetic impulses, it's how Magnetic Therapy works


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Shop Magnetic Braces & Supports at MyMedSupply

MyMedSupply carries high quality Magnetic Braces & Supports from Therion Magnetics. We carry Braces & Supports for the Shoulder, Back, Elbow, Wrist, Knee, Thigh, and Calf. Our Magnetic Braces & Supports are very comfortable, you can even wear it all day long for maximum therapeutic benefits. Magnetic Braces & Supports are a very effective alternative pain relief treatment to traditional medicine.

Magnetic Braces & Supports will also speed up the healing process, decrease swelling, increase range of motion and flexibility, and provide relief for arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle pain, joint pain, degenerative disc disease, and much more

What Magnetic Brace or Support is right for me?

MyMedSupply carries two high quality lines of Magnetic Braces & Supports, both manufactured by Therion Magnetics - the industry standard in Magnetic Therapy. The Platinum Braces & Supports are designed for moderate to severe pain and swelling, while the Balance Braces & Supports are designed for mild to moderate pain and swelling.

If you are suffering from Chronic Pain, we recommend going with the Platinum Magnetic Braces & Supports. Since the Platinum Magnetic Braces & Supports are designed for moderate to severe pain, these Magnetic Braces & Supports will give you the most pain relief.

To find the perfect Magnetic Brace or Support for you, first determine your daily level of pain, and the amount of pain relief desired. The Platinum Magnetic Braces & Supports will provide the most pain relief, as it is designed to give relief to those suffering from moderate to severe levels of pain. The Balance Magnetic Braces & Supports will provide effective pain relief for those suffering from mild to moderate levels of pain.