Laser Touch One

Laser Touch One

The LaserTouchOne is a hand-held, rechargeable, therapy device intended for relief of chronic pain, especially of soft tissues (non-bone) that has become very popular lately due to positive consumer feedback and the fact that it as an effective over-the-counter option for pain relief. Because of the popularity of this new product and the fact that it’s price tag is not cheap, at $489, the team at MyMedSupply.com wanted to conduct a more in-depth Laser Touch One product review for our readers and shoppers to help evaluate it’s use for pain relief at home. The Laser Touch One is used most commonly for pain relief of the neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs. Some of the conditions it treats are rotator-cuff injuries with pain, sciatica, carpal-tunnel syndrome, knee pain, neck pain, and temperomandibular joint disease. It can be used for acute pain associated with trauma or surgery. It’s approved by the FDA and sold over-the-counter. The Laser Touch One includes a rechargeable lithium battery and electroconductive gel.

The Laser Touch One delivers two kinds of therapy. There is an extremely low-intensity laser, (620 nm wavelength). The second is an electrical microcurrent stimulator. The two modalities are activated simultaneously when the user starts a treatment session. The intensity of the electrical current is controlled by the user. The combination of the low-level intensity laser, plus the microcurrent, has been shown to be effective for pain relief. The manufacturer cautions the user to use the lowest intensity current sensed on the skin. Higher-intensity current does not enhance efficacy.

Conductive gel is applied to the area for treatment. With the electrical current off, the device, held like a pen, is applied to the treatment site. The user gradually increases the current until there is a sensation of tingling. A circular motion is used over the painful tissue and the surrounding skin. The treatment lasts for two minutes, when the unit shuts off automatically. There is no pressure against the skin, unless the LTO is used on an area of very thick muscle or fat. The treatment can be used up to five times per day.

The Laser Touch One, manufactured by Relief Technologies, is the only over-the-counter device which combines 2 treatment modalities for the relief of chronic and acute pain. It delivers a unique union of low level laser therapy, or LLLT (also known as cold laser), and micro-current electrical stimulation.

Prices start at about $400 to more than $1000. MyMedicalSupply.com prepared this product review to help consumers make an informed decision about the home use of the Laser Touch One before they buy.

The low level laser penetrates the superficial layers of skin to reach the energy-absorbing deeper tissue. The stimulation speeds healing and rapidly relieves pain. The electrical micro-current promotes cell repair by production of proteins and of the cellular energy source  ATP, at a molecular level. It boosts the absorption of nutrients and clears away waste. The pain relief using the two modalities combined is more effective than either modality alone.Tissue repair restores mobility and relieves chronic pain.

The Laser Touch One is:

  • hand-held
  • lightweight
  • portable
  • rechargable with a lithium battery
  • is the only over the counter device with FDA clearance for home treatment of acute and chronic pain
  • user-controlled for intensity
  • a durable medical device
  • intended for home use
  • used with conductive gel
  • more effective for soft-tissue treatment than for bone pain.

The body regions which are most-often treated are:

  • neck
  • shoulders
  • back
  • arms
  • legs

A few common conditions which respond to LTO therapy are:

  • rotator cuff tears
  • sciatica
  • carpal-tunnel syndrome
  • neck pain
  • temperomandibular joint disease
  • many others

To use the Laser Touch One, conductive gel is applied to the region to be treated. Holding the device like a pen, with the current off, the Laser Touch One is applied to the treatment site. The user gradually increases the intensity of the current until there is a sensation of tingling. Using a circular motion, the user goes over the region of concern. The treatment lasts for two minutes when the unit shuts off automatically. No pressure is applied to the skin. Treatment may be performed up to five times per day.

Testimony is abundant and positive, both for pain relief and for preserving or restoring mobility. Nearly all of the reviews had one thing in common, the users were amazed by how quickly and effectively the Laser Touch One worked; benefits were experienced immediately. The Laser Touch One’s performance far exceeded their expectations. Kerry Graham, Ladies Professional Golf Association, states “I was able to avoid surgery, I’m pain free and have full range of motion in my shoulder.”

Knee surgery is legion for persistent pain, with poor responses to any method of treatment. One subject, 2 years after surgery, still experienced pain every time he exercised and on stairs. After 3 days of using the Laser Touch One, he reported that he no longer had pain after he exercised. A registered nurse noted that her patients with advanced cancer experienced relief with its use, She tried it for her carpal tunnel syndrome and experienced relief. Another subject said, “I want this. I’ll buy it as soon as I can afford it.” The reviewers agree that it for best results new users should watch the training videos online for maximum benefit with correct use.

The Laser Touch One costs $489, no matter where you buy it. There are various ways to manage the cost, however. As a special offer, MyMedSupply readers can buy the Laser Touch One with a 10% off coupon by using coupon code LTO20PCT at checkout.

The team at MyMedicalSupply.com hopes that this Laser Touch One product review has been helpful, and invites your questions and inquiries, even if you purchased your Laser Touch One from a different source.