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Customer Rewards

Customer Rewards AheadAt MyMedSupply we believe in turning customers into fans! Rewarding our best customers is very important to us. MyMedSupply’s Customer Rewards program is simple and painless: After your 3rd order with us you get 5% OFF all future orders, after 10 orders you get 7.5% OFF all future orders, and after 20 orders you get 10% OFF all future orders. Being a member of the program also means that you will receive notification of additional special bonus offers that may be exclusive to MyMedSupply Customer Rewards program members.

In short, MyMedSupply’s Customer Rewards Program is based on the following tiers based on repeat order quantities:

  • After 3 orders get 5% off all orders
  • After 10 orders get 7.5% off all orders
  • After 20 orders get 10% off all orders

MyMedSupply Customer Rewards discounts can be used towards items purchased on our website. Your discount code will be given to you by email once your qualifying order is marked with a status of “Shipped.”

Terms & Conditions: reserves the right to change or end this rewards program at any time. Any MyMedSupply Customer Reward levels earned prior to termination of this program will be honored according to the terms and conditions of the program. Due to manufacturer restrictions, some brands of products may be excluded from the MyMedSupply Customer Rewards program.