I love my TENS Unit! After a recent and very serious bout with lower back pain, one in which I felt hopeless for relief from my pain, I rediscovered my TENS unit and it saved me from my excruciating back pain, thank god! What do I love about my TENS unit? Here are 10 things I love about my TENS unit:

10 Things I Love About My TENS Unit1)    It’s a natural therapy. No drugs involved and as a registered nurse, I can’t be on muscle relaxants and pain killers and be effective at my job.

2)    It’s painless. I’ve had my back and neck cracked and although there is relief with some of the pain, it’s also painful to have that done.

3)    It’s faster. After one 15-minute treatment, I was able to stand straighter and walk without pain. After a 25-minute treatment, I was back to my tall self again.

4)    Its effects last longer than a pain medication. Depending on the intensity of the pain, one treatment with the TENS unit delivers days of relief, and I’ve only ever needed two treatments and then I was done! No pain or muscle relaxant is going to fix my back with just two pills.

5)    No drowsiness. I can drive and work after a treatment.

6)    No side effects like medications. That means no dry mouth, no itching, no decrease in heart rate, respiratory rate or blood pressure and no possibility of an allergic reaction that sometimes occurs with drugs.

7)    No confusion like a past drug regime of pain killers and muscle relaxants. When I injured my back 25 years ago, the doctor prescribed drugs that made me so woozy that I wasn’t certain that I was taking them correctly. A pain killer was scheduled every four hours and a muscle relaxant every six hours. After half a day on them, I was confused and didn’t know when I had taken the last pill or which one it was. That’s just dangerous.

8)    When I didn’t have insurance, the TENS unit was a LOT cheaper than a pain medication.

9)    I can resume my yoga practice after a treatment with the TENS. I’m an avid practitioner and hate when I am limited to only a few poses, if I can do any of them at all, when I have back pain. The TENS unit allows me to return to the mat immediately.

10) With my very own portable TENS unit (link), I can now have pain relief at my fingertips. No more waiting for an appointment with the chiropractor. When I’m traveling on long flights, lifting heavy luggage and traipsing all over the country, I can pack the TENS in my bag and have pain relief when I need it.