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Study finds spousal similarities in the incidences of some diseases

A couples health is surprisingly intertwined according to a recent cohort study that looked at Dutch and Japanese marriages....

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New program sets out to change the European landscape for emerging medical radionuclides

The European medical radionuclides programme sets out to substantially change the European landscape for novel and emerging medical radionuclides....

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Researchers to develop sensor-containing super-smart textiles for remote health monitoring

The global population recently reached 7.8 billion, among which almost 15% suffer from disabilities mainly caused by ageing and chronic diseases....

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New web portal launched to help people address myths about Covid-19 vaccines

How do you have a constructive conversation with someone who doesnt want to or is reluctant to be vaccinated against Covid-19 A new web portal has been launched in Sweden to help ordinary people address myths and misconceptions about the vaccines, using evidence-based advice and support....

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Decreased synaptic gain in people diagnosed with schizophrenia

Schizophrenia, which can cause disrupted thought and mood, delusions and hallucinations, is among the most debilitating mental disorders and the most mysterious....

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Altered characteristics of granulocytes in COVID-19 patients can be linked to disease severity

COVID-19 disease severity seems to be affected by the characteristics of white blood cells called granulocytes, which are part of the innate immune system....

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Study finds decrease in Canadian suicide rates during the pandemic despite increase in unemployment

The results of research into suicide rates in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic show that rates fell despite a simultaneous increase in unemployment....

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